Beth's Story - Is an Apprenticeship right for you?

Posted by Tamara Wray |   18th September 2018

Beth's Story - Is an Apprenticeship right for you?

Making decisions about your future is stressful. Everyone seems to have a different opinion and it can be tempting to just follow the people closest to you. However, that could be a big mistake, because your future isn’t "one-size-fits-all".

We sat down with our apprentice, Beth Thorley to get her take on our apprenticeship program.
If you’re motivated, sociable, ambitious and hardworking, or alternatively looking for someone like this for your business, you’ll want to consider an apprentice.

Hello Beth! You’re now working towards your level 2 business admin qualification with Rathbone Training / Intraining, but 7 months ago you were just starting your apprenticeship.

What drew you to an apprenticeship?
Doing an apprenticeship has lots of benefits, however my main reason for wanting to do an apprenticeship was because of skills I would gain from being in a working environment, as well as the opportunity to work towards a professional qualification.

After considering going to University, I decided that doing an apprenticeship would be more beneficial to me as I would be able to earn a wage and still have the opportunity to gain a good qualification.

What drew you to doing a business admin qualification with Intraining over another apprenticeship position?
I have always had a strong interest in business, having grown up with parents who started their own business. Throughout school I had always shown a passion for the  subject and it was an easy decision to continue my studies in this field. When the opportunity came available to work with Rathbone Training / Intraining I knew it was a role that I would enjoy and be able to make my own.

Not only is the job rewarding as we are able to help place candidates into apprenticeship roles, but it is also something I really believe in and want to be able to promote. There are never two days that are the same, and I am always able to complete different tasks whilst developing my learning, which I feel is one of the huge benefits to doing an apprenticeship.

Did you have any reservations about joining Intraining?
As this was my first full time role, I had reservations about my suitability to the working environment and questioned whether this was something I would be able to do. However, after my first few weeks within the role I knew that it was the right decision. I have had continued support throughout the business and I've been able to fit in well at Rathbone and Intraining.

Would you say you felt there was a stigma that you’d need a degree to succeed, and what do you think now?
Definitely during school there was a stigma. We were always pushed towards the University route and were never given any information about apprenticeships. However, now I am doing my apprenticeship and have friends at University, I still believe I chose the right route as I am getting valuable work experience, life skills, and a good wage! Apprenticeships are definitely a route that should be promoted to more young people for so many reasons!

What were your first impressions of Intraining?
My first impressions of Rathbone Training and Intraining were great. Everyone within the team was very welcoming and helpful. Having settled in now, I have been able to develop some great relationships with colleagues. I can't thank my colleagues at Rathbone Training and Intraining enough for the support in my development. Without the supportive team I have around me I definitely wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have so far, and my experience wouldn’t have been as enjoyable.

What are your ambitions moving forwards?
Moving forward I am looking to further my development and continue my studies doing Level 4 Business. After that I am hoping to build a successful career within the business and start a full time role.

What else do you love about Intraining?
Working with Rathbone and Intraining has lots of good qualities but the main thing I love is the environment. Everyone within the team has a great relationship and always go that extra mile to make me feel comfortable and offer extra support and guidance whenever needed.

What would you say to other people who are considering an apprenticeship?
I would definitely recommend apprenticeships to people who are unsure about what they want to do. There are so many different apprenticeships available offering new routes that University simply don’t offer. They are great ways to learn new skills, and it’s flexible enough for you to really make the role your own. They offer a great start for those aspiring for a successful career within a business. It is an opportunity to learn whilst getting paid and to get used to the working world whilst gaining a good qualification that employers look for.


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